1599! That is the number of languages that are spoken in India alone! Second Language as a subject unsurprisingly therefore plays an integral part in the appreciation and acknowledgement of various cultures and people. Most children learn not just one but several languages before they come to school. The number of words a child knows before she comes to school is over 5000 or so. Multilingualism is a part of our identity.

Why You Need Second Language Tuition

We live in a world where communication is power. Therefore, to understand all cultures and appreciate them is important and this is mainly accomplished through studying second languages other than English. Unfortunately though, as time is going by fewer and fewer students are able to comfortably communicate, read and write in a language other than English. This is precisely why online tuition classes for second language are essential and a much needed requirement of today.
Daily online tuition classes will help children become more fluent in languages such as hindi and telugu.
With the help of their tutors students will be encouraged to communicate in these languages as well.
With regular practice through online tuition classes they will be able to excel in second languages.

How AMS Teaches
Second Language

One of the major objectives of language teaching is to equip learners with the ability to read and write with understanding and to make them independent learners. Our effort is to sustain and enhance the degree of bilingualism and metalinguistic awareness that children have.

Reading, writing, and spoken Hindi/Telugu for Classes 4-10 are practiced daily during our Online Classes. Live quizzes, daily revision, assignments, tests and tuition help to keep students of Classes 4-10 sharp, alert and attentive. These also help them build their vocabulary, improve their fluency, and improve their understanding of the subject.