A building with a shaky foundation will fall, no matter how tall. Concepts are like the foundations of learning, if the concepts of a child are not clear, the rest of the child’s studies are in danger.The job of a school is to provide information to the students and over the years, they have learnt how to do the job well. The problem remains, the school day only lasts so long. hey can provide information to the child but they do not have time to revise and practice concepts with the students. This is where AfterMySchool comes in.The toils of the modern parent are incredible. In a generation where both parents work, AfterMySchool becomes essential. AfterMySchool acts as an academic parent to your child. It is our job to do the work both schools and parents do not have the time to do.AfterMySchool analyzes your child’s learning style and teaches the child based on what we learn about your child. We help your child with all their after school work.

“The primary role of the ideal online tuition is to take up the role of doing all after my school work. In other words, doing the role of an academic parent.” – Kireet Modi (Director, AfterMySchool)

Online tuitions are the only option during this pandemic. They have ensured that education can continue in the most normal way possible and AfterMySchool is at the center of this revolution. These tuitions are truly the knights in shining armour of the education world during these tough times. Online tuitions might have their drawbacks but under the system of AfterMySchool, there is also a certain elegance to it. They function the same as regular tuition but also can be more efficient than regular tuition as the online medium opens many avenues to the tutors and the student.

In the current world, AfterMySchool is an essential service. We are proud to provide this service to the next generation and help both schools and parents in creating a brighter future.


English is a language as well as a subject. This is why it is taught not only through reading and writing but also through speaking. We have devised a system to teach English and we have put this system in the hands of our skilled tutors along with other tools.


Mathematics is the backbone of the world. From counting cattle to space, mathematics has been there throughout. AfterMySchool focuses on concept building, practicing and training. We perform quizzes, provide assignments, daily tuition and assignments.


Science is a practical subject and has to be taught in a hands-on way. AfterMySchool is able to do this even through online classes through experiments with household items, quizzes and assignments.

Social Studies​

Social Studies need not be simple memorization, it can be a concept based subject with applied logic and reasoning. AfterMySchool can teach children in any way based on the child’s learning style.


EVS stands for Environmental Studies. In a world where the environment is the biggest concern, EVS is necessary.AfterMySchool has primary school specialists who can do this job easily.


AfterMySchool provides special Hindi classes conducted by an expert to enrich your child’s vocabulary, grammar skills, pronunciation and fluency. This is why AfterMySchool is an important asset to any child learning Hindi.